Mäklarsamfundet (Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents)

Mäklarsamfundet is Swedens largest and oldest organization for Real Estate Agents – developing services on the Housing Market since 1919.

When you buy a place to live in, a home, it is probably the biggest and most important transaction you make in your life. Therefore, it´s reassuring to know that when you hire a Real Estate Agent who is a member of Mäklarsamfundet, to guide and help you through the deal, you hire a professional who are offered constant training in all the subjects of the housing business areas. The members of Mäklarsamfundet combines an extraordinary knowledge of the housing market with a genuine interest in the people on it. It is this combination that makes Real Estate Agents in Mäklarsamfundet unique and gives consumers the best possible help, results and security when they are about to sell or buy a home.

Mäklarsamfundet also have the task to inform about the conditions for the Real Estate Agent's work and to develop the concept of good agency practice. Mäklarsamfundet brings together the knowledge and experience of a large number of transactions.

Mäklarsamfundet also runs opinion- and advocacy in order to influence policy, legislation and parts of the public debate which affects Real Estate Agents and consumers' on the housing markets in their everyday lives.

Swedish Real Estate Agents are under state supervision by The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate (FMI).

FMI is the central administrative authority that:

  • examines applications for registration as an estate agent
  • maintains a central register of estate agents
  • exercises supervision of the registered estate agents
  • provides information on codes of practice for estate agents

Mäklarsamfundet | Box 1487 | S- 171 28 Solna, Sweden
Phone: +46 8-555 00 900
E-mail: info@maklarsamfundet.se

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