Konsumentkollen – Consumer TV

In these episodes Mäklarsamfundet's consumer representative Magnus Bäckström answers the most common questions about new housing.

Episode 1 – If water damage is discovered after I move in, where can I turn to be compensated?

Episode 2 – What happens if the stated area of a house is wrong?

Episode 3 – I made the highest offer, but didn't get to buy the property. Why?

Episode 4 – Which lamps can I bring with me when I move?

Episode 5 – What is a mediation assignment?

Episode 6 – Do I have a right to know who the other bidders are?

Episode 7 – What if the buyer cannot pay when taking possession of the property?

Episode 8 – Closet, bathroom cabinet and hatrack. What is included in the purchase?

Episode 9 – Additional bids before signing. What are the rules?

Episode 10 – What happens if the seller has not cleaned out the house?

Skapad 9 juli 2018
Uppdaterad 12 november 2018